A totally free guide to starting your own business.

What is JustStartUp

JustStartUp is a totally free guide to help Australians start businesses. JustStartUp is delivered in a step-by-step format, across 6 chapters. Materials include information on paperwork, templates for operating, guidance on developing a brand, information on building an online presence, and more.

All you need to make JustStartUp useful is an idea, a skill or a service.

The Materials

JustStartUp is split into 6 chapters as shown below. All material is generic so that it's applicable across a broad spectrum of industries.

Don't forget, there may be other considerations required for your particular business (for example, working with children checks). JustStartUp won't cover all of the particulars for your business.


What are we doing here?

The Paperwork2

A list of paperwork you'll need to complete such as registering a business name on ASIC, and getting a bank account.

Who Are You?3

What is your business' purpose, and what are its values?


Delivering your product or service and, of equal importance, charging for it.

Build a Brand5

Targeting, your visual appearance and online presence.

Crucial Skills6

How to prepare proposals, communicate succinctly, and look bigger than you are.

Get in Touch With the Author

Henry Cunningham is a Business Analyst with McKinsey & Company in their Sydney office.

Having started his own business with a childhood friend, Henry believes all Australians should dabble in starting their own businesses.

If you have a success story, if there's something you'd like to see or if you'd just like to get in touch, Henry would be glad to hear from you!

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